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Believe it or not, the first cookies were made by chance. In fact if you look at the history of this type of cookie is full of coincidences. The first cookies were made to identify the furnace temperature in the history. Bakers used to very small amounts of pastry for test the temperature of the oven. This little test pastries are called as a "koekje" in Dutch language which is means to "little cake". That we know today "cookies" was born this interesting coincidence.

Each country's has his unique "cookie" type. For example, Cookies known as; "Sweet biscuits" in the UK, "sable and macaroon" in France and "biscotti" in Italy. Of course, in America and Canada also known as the most popular and most common type of cookies are "Chocolate Chip Cookies". In fact, at least half of American home baked cookies are chocolate chip cookies. Like many other amazing discoveries, chocolate chip cookies were also created by chance.

Ruth Wakefield's chocolate chip cookies were discovered in the Toll House Inn, Just like a bed breakfast, Wakefield was preparing food for his guests. On the evening of 1937, the idea of making butter chocolate chip cookies came to his mind, and for this purpose he ruptured a piece of semi-sweet chocolate which is given him by Andrew Nestle.

He observed this mixture of chocolate and paste will melt and blend with success and had thought that the invention of chocolate chip cookies. But didnt happen as him thought, He had continued offer cookies to his guests. They were so delicious because of chocolate in them were natural, it had to be done to do it again.

Wakefield has published in various newspapers and their recipes recipes over the years transferred from generation to generation until today reached.
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